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ThriveTime game play overview video

What does a ThriveTime Challenge volunteer do?

The ThriveTime Challenge has been such as success due in part to the dedication of the wonderful volunteers facilitators that have been at each event. Volunteers not only help with the set up at each event, but they interact directly with students by provided as needed assistance in the actual game play process as students compete using the ThriveTime for Teens board game.

There is no training required to assist in the facilitation because a lead instructor will explain how the game works as well as walk participants through two example “plays” before the students begin playing on their own. In addition, all the information each student needs to decide on each play is contained in the cards they draw.

ThriveTime Challenge events typically take between 2 and 2.5 hours once on site. Facilitators provide support to students in the following ways:

- Clarifying game rules
- Providing instructions related to cards
- Assisting in putting information on a player’s game sheet
- Asking questions that may help a student come to a decision related to an opportunity or situation presented on a card

Being a ThriveTime Challenge volunteer is both rewarding and fun. All arrangements are made in advance and no organizational responsibility is placed on support facilitators. Trained, expert ThriveTime Challenge team members will be at each location to lead game play.

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Are you interested in becoming a lead facilitator for the ThriveTime Challenge?

As a lead facilitator you would:
- Manage set up of games at event site
- Present instructions on game play to the group of students
- Provide support to volunteer facilitators
- Interact with students during game play
- Hand out certificates, announce winners and present certificates and prizes
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